Tips, Tricks and Philosophy

Some thoughts on Cookies:

Homemade cookies taste better than store bought, because stores don’t sell Caring and Kindness.

If you are counting the number of chips per cookie, then you are doing it wrong.

Cookies are like people, some are just better than they look on the outside.

Its better to be the person that took the last cookie than to not have had a cookie at all.


Tips and Tricks:

If you washed your hands then there is nothing wrong with touching the dough… really!  So go ahead and use your finger to push the dough off the spoon.  Use your hands to mix the dough if that works best.

When you get to the chocolate chips, fruit, and nuts, turn off your mixer and fold in those ingredients by hand for better results.  Mixers are great for finer ingredients, but the chunks that you want to stay large chunks are much easier to incorporate by hand.

Ovens vary, you can always add time if they need to be baked more, but you can’t unburn a burnt cookie.  When in doubt start with the lowest time setting or just a minute or two less and work your way up to the time that works for you.


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