Me, and Cookies

I am a pretty big geek,  with an interest that is half geeky and half traditional in hobbies… which means I knit, but its not uncommon for it to be a Space Invaders Laptop Case or… WHM AF Hat.  But that’s another blog and you can find that here: MissCarlotta’s Knitting Blog.

As far as baking goes… well I’ve been working on that for a long time now. I am not a baker by profession, though I am a “Cook” by name… so I suppose that counts.  And yes, when you have a last name like “Cook” its a bit of a personal affront when something turns out completely inedible.

The last time that happened I was about 10 or 11 and was trying a recipe for “Cheese Strata” straight out of my Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook. I really have no idea what went awry with that recipe, but my family was trying desperately to keep their mouth shut and not hurt my feelings up to the point I tried it myself and exclaimed it was terrible.  Since that point, its been my philosophy that “there is always something else if it turns out bad.”  And before you ask… even starving children in Africa wouldn’t have eaten that meal.

Thankfully I haven’t had any real cooking disasters since that point.  I do still experiment, both with a new recipe and with just mixing things together that sound like they would taste good and seeing what happens.  The worst result has been, “Let’s not make this one a regular” and the best a “I don’t know how you made such good food, I swear we didn’t have anything in the house.”  Rest assured my cookies on this blog have gone through the rigorous testing of me sampling them before I send them off with Ben to his work cookiejar.

And now a bit about cookies…

Cookies, were originally a small amount of cake batter used to test the oven temperature before baking the whole cake.  The word cookie is even derived from the Dutch word “koekje” which translates to “little cake.”  The origins of this small confection trace all the way back to 7th century Persia where the use of sugar in baking first became common.

Not everyone uses the term cookie.  Some places will call them biscuits, due to their history of association with hardtack type foods used as a meal replacement because of their handheld size.

There are many different subcategories of cookies generally divided based on the way they are created.   Some of them include:

  • Drop Cookies:  named because you drop a dollop of dough on a cookie sheet
  • Refrigerator / Ice Box:  A stiffer dough that is kept in the fridge to stiffen more and then cut into slices for baking.
  • Molded: Cookies that are shaped by hand, or in a cookie mold
  • Rolled: Cookies cut out with cutters after being rolled out by a rolling pin
  • Pressed: Cookies created by a cookie press
  • Bar Cookies:  Baked in a pan and then cut into bar shapes
  • Sandwich:  Two cookies serving as the exterior to a sweet filling.

As for the cookies in this blog… there is just one rule:  They have to be suitable for a cookie jar.


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